Wallace Allan

Wallace Allan


Like many small jewellery businesses, balancing in-store and online customer experiences can be a challenge for teams with limited time and resources. Typically, high-value purchases, such as fine jewellery and luxury watches, were occurring in person, but as customers become more digitally savvy, there was great potential for the business to sell products, or at least promote services and provide valuable information online, too. 

Browns Family Jewellers


The Covid-19 pandemic redesigned how we browse and shop. With in-store shopping put to a halt, online presence became essential. However, like many independent jewellers, translating products that many prefer to see in person through a screen proved to be a challenge. Brown’s wanted to become more competitive in the online market and showcase the great potential and value of their products.

Rocks Jewellers


With two physical stores and an e-commerce offering, there were challenges with stock management. Therefore, the Irish jeweller needed a solution that would align and improve the way stock was uploaded, updated and managed across all three outlets.


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